Can Customer Service Really Impact Your Bottom Line?


Food for Thought: Customer Service Still Matters

Most of us believe that when the economy is down, people will just choose ticketing system  the lowest priced product. Is this really true?

A recent Customer Experience Impact study in the U.S revealed two interesting facts. One, even in a dull economy, 58% of American customers were willing to pay more for better experience. Two, as a factor in recommending a company, outstanding customer service was important to 58% of the respondents – more than the number who plumbed for low price or quality!

So, Why Don’t More Companies do a Great Job of it?

Research shows that if a credit card company retains an added 5% of its customers each year, then the lifetime profits from an average customer can go up by about 75%. Yet, few companies are really able to put their customers first.

There always seem to be so many problems. Managers count cost, vendors can not really improve the product, call center staff are overworked…and the list goes on. Mostly, companies will give up on finding that their processes need so much change!

Loyal Customers: Your Lifeline in Trouble

Where companies have adopted a customer-centric approach, the results have spoken for themselves.

Delighted customers are an anchor in tough times. Even when their disposable incomes are lower than usual, they continue to shop with you as much as possible. Great customer support services create a bond that makes it more difficult for these customers to switch their providers.

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